About us

The Information Security Centre of Excellence has been established in 2007 in collaboration with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and Q1Labs Inc. (acquired by IBM Security Systems Division in 2011), the centre’s first industrial partner.

The centre’s first project in the area of Intrusion Detection/Prevention has received funding from ACOA through a contribution from the Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF). Today ISCX’s research spawns a variety of topics from network application recognition and log analysis to botnet and malware detection receiving funding from government and industry sources.

ISCX is a fast growing centre that in just 4 years after its establishment has received over 2.5 million dollars in funding and has supported 5 Postdocs, 6 PhD students, 6 MCS students, and several undergraduate co-op students.
Our Vision
With the establishment of the ISCX, the Faculty of Computer Science at UNB has the opportunity to become recognized as one of the leading institutions in the area of information and communication security. The ISCX provides a unique opportunity for the Faculty to:

Increase its teaching and research expertise in this area;

Fundamentally alter the educational experience of graduate and undergraduate students;

Demonstrate a new model of cooperation between UNB, Government and the Private Sector; and,

Contribute to the economic development of New Brunswick.

The resources provided by the ISCX will enable the Faculty of Computer Science to:

Establish a formal research institute at UNB in the area of privacy, security and trust

Introduce a new area of expertise in its graduate program; and,

Develop a new undergraduate major in security.