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Some of the amazing SEO strategy for 2019 that you might have missed

When it comes to content management system WordPress is the leading industry. About 29% of all the websites available on the Internet is made up of WordPress. Here are some of the amazing ways in which you can fully optimize your website. Toronto SEO specialists are the best for your website. The versatility of WordPress is amazing.

Alter the code wherever necessary and use the Google search console properly.


1 Setting The Permalink To A Static Structure

Go to setting, permalink setting and select post name this will keep your URL structure clean and optimized.


2 Use Your Keywords Properly 

The keyword must be used in titles and header tags and you should also insert variations of your keyword. Your page title should have H1 add headings should have H2 and H3 tag. Also, the length of the keyword is important. Making the content about 2000 word Plus is great.


3 Sitemap

An XML sitemap is very essential for getting Google to navigate your pages. There are some great plugins like a Google XML sitemap and XML sitemap that will generate an XML sitemap for your WordPress website.

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4 Google Search Console 

If you don’t have search console for your site, you might be missing out important warnings given by Google. Your search console is where you will be finding what drives traffic to your website. Also, SEO warnings and notification will be visible through this.


5 WordPress Site Speed 

Optimization of your website is essential for good speech. The Page speed insights tool is a plugin that will analyze your WordPress website and give it a rating out of 100. Some of the tools used for increasing the speed of a website or WP super cache, WP optimize, and smush Image Compression.

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6 Link Building 

Internal linking to relevant content is very essential for your website to rank up. This is a direct ranking factor and increases the engagement rate of your visitors. This is an absolutely crucial strategic SEO factor in 2019. You can consult Toronto SEO specialists for some amazing strategies.


7 Yoast Plugin 

This is an SEO plugin that has been for 10 years in the market. This is updated according to algorithms and SEO tools. Used ask you to choose a primary keyword of the content and make sure that your content is well written and SEO friendly. Some of the major benefits of Yoast SEO include generating a good meta description and automatic XML sitemap. There is also a paid version of Yoast SEO that allows your content to be optimized for more than one keyword.

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8. Switch To Https 

If you have visitors to your website who input text to contact forms and opt for payment you should switch to https. This as a sense of security to your customer. And also this makes your website SSL friendly. Every Toronto SEO specialists will recommend you to mske the switch.

The final verdict is concentrating on the right content and right length of the keyword is essential and basic for your website to rank up. You can research on given topics to write 3000 words + articles that are properly optimized. Investigate on the keywords in a proper way and check out the top-ranking content to see how long they are.


When it comes to content management system WordPress is the leading industry. About 29% of all the websites available on…